Video Editing Apps- Nowadays, quality audiovisual creation is essential, especially if we talk about social networks, increasingly oriented to favor this type of content, primarily influenced by the success of Instagram.

Therefore, it is clear that editing video cheaply and straightforwardly, but quality, is handy either for your leisure moments or in your day-to-day professional life. Consequently, we have compiled the 7 best free video editing applications for you.

1.  Viva Video Editing Apps

video editing app

This application, available for Android and iOS, is undoubtedly the most popular. And believe us, it’s justified. It is an all-terrain tool, as it has a multitude of functionalities that allow you to have a small video editing studio on your mobile device. Easy to use and super intuitive, with it you can correct videos, make montages with photos and music, add transitions, filters and you can choose from more than 200 effects.

2. Winemasters Video Editing Apps

A complete tool that stands out mainly for being multitrack, high video quality, and a very accessible interface. Available for Android and Apple, the free version is quite complete, so purchasing the professional versions is unnecessary. Free Video Editor ringmaster

3. Into Video Editing Apps

It could not be missing in our compilation of the best free video editing applications, one that creates content on the social network par excellence today, Instagram. Although this video editor design to make quality videos for this social network, if you only want an editor to upload videos to your Instar, this will be your best option. Of course, it is exclusive for iOS.Free Unshod Video Editor

4. Quek Video Editing Apps

If you did not know, we present you with the official application to edit videos created with your GoPro camera. Easy handling and quick editing have many specific features for these videos, from special transitions, music, and exclusive matched filters. The best option is if you are a regular GoPro user.


5. Animator Video Editing Apps

If you need to create a video based on photos on your device, Animator is your best option since, in 5 minutes, you will have everything done. With many formats available, the apps allow you to add music, animations, and filters to make your creations look great.


6. iMovie Video Editing Apps

This official Apple application is very professional. So much so that it has already been used for filming movies and shorts all over the world. It allows you to record, edit, modify and enhance videos, incorporating special recording filters. Another outstanding feature is the tool to create high-definition trailers with little effort. Free iMovie video editor

7. Magento Video Editing Apps

Magento is entirely different from all the applications we have shown you previously. Why? Because it edits your videos automatically. How it sounds. Thanks to its AI, which analyzes your videos, it manages to make editing, in many cases perfect, and in other cases, you will only have to make minor modifications. It’s the ideal option if you want to give your videos a personal touch. Just have them done as quickly as possible.

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