What is an Amazon Credit Card?

Amazon Credit Card Accounts. The Amazon Credit Card is available to customers with an Amazon.com account, subject to credit approval. The Amazon Prime Secured Card, an upgrade from the Amazon Secured Card, is available to customers with an Eligible Prime Membership only, subject to credit approval.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is only available to clienteles who receive an “Add Card” advertisement or email and is only valid if you add a sound, unexpired, qualified credit or debit card to your Amazon wallet. To use a promo coupon, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Amazon.com account.
  • Click the Add Card ad widget and enter your credit or debit card details.
  • After successfully registering the Card, the funds will transfer to your Amazon.com account.
  • Make subsequent qualifying purchases using any valid payment method to use the funds.

This special offer is only legal for a limited time or while stocks last. But, offer is limited to one per customer account and one per credit or debit card. Amazon Business Accounts are not suitable for this offer. And also, If you disturb any of these conditions, the request will be invalid, and the credit will not be applied. This offer cannot be resold, transferable, exchangeable for cash, and is void where prohibited by law and in the event of fraud. This offer cannot unite with other offers. If the Amazon Gift Card is not a claimed promotion benefit, funds cannot redeem for Amazon Gift Cards.

As soon as you have successfully added an eligible credit or debit card, you will receive an email notification with the expiration date of the promotional coupon. After this date, the unused credit will expire. And also, credits can use to purchase physical products sold and shipped by Amazon.com or products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon companies eligible for this offer. Offer does not apply to certain products and digital content, including but not limited.

Tax and shipping costs may apply to the total cost of free and discounted promotional items. Items must  purchase in one instruction and transported to the same address at the same speed. You are responsible for the final purchase amount after deducting any credits, taxes, and shipping costs. According to the applicable return policy, if any products purchase on credit return, your refund will equal the volume paid for the product.

Is Amazon ICICI Credit Card Lifetime Free?

What is Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card? … This is a lifetime free credit card with no joining fees or renewal fees. The card earnings instrument design to provide earnings for every purchase (both on Amazon. in and offline stores of Amazon Pay partner wholesalers) in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Pay ICICI Card Eligibility Criteria

amazon credit card

This Card is only present to eligible Amazon customers, and the bank has confident limits on which this Card is the issue. Only selected customers will receive instructions on applying for an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card. Instructions will send to your Amazon Bank and ICICI email address. The Card will use from your Amazon account. However, there are several other conditions that you must meet before applying for this credit card: –

Firstly, the minimum age for the applicant must be 18 years old.

Also, the maximum age for the applicant is 60 years.

To apply for a credit card, individuals must have a Cybil score of at least 750.

And also, to get a card online, you need to have a stable income.


It’s lifetime free and gets the benefits of every offer given on an ICICI credit card. And a special discount on Amazon is earning 5% cashback for prime members and 3% cashback for non-prime members on shopping through amazon with this Card.

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