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Applications Write For Us

Applications Write For UsApplications Write For Us –  An app is an acronym for the word in English, whose meaning in Spanish is; application. It is a piece of software we have installed on our mobile devices, commonly obtained in digital stores specialized in applications.

However, some devices allow you to download them directly from a provider or website and install them at the user’s risk. Its use allows having functionalities extended to those initially offered by the device. To write for us, you can send us an email at

How do the applications work?

In our devices, we have the hardware with the physical components and an operating system that makes everything work; in addition to the operating system, you can create various software that works as utilities, which will be the ones that the end user will use frequently depending on their mobile needs and which have been called Apps.

When smartphone users add a function and access the apple operating system’s application store, the applications that best suit the requirements sought will be filtered in this search. Then, the user can add this piece of software (app) to his device to obtain that functionality initially sought.

Since when did the applications exist

Applications existed before smartphones, such as messaging and games. Still, they have increased with the mobile revolution, based anyone with the right knowledge can make utilities in the form of applications. In this way, the growth in the application market has been exponential since the emergence of the smartphone in 2007.

Types of Applications (Apps)

Native apps; are those applications developed for each of the operating systems on the market. However, they are set in the operating system’s language and allow maximisation of the same functions; their main feature is that they can only be used in the system they were created.

Web Apps are applications developed with html programming language and can be run in any browser from the Internet. The software resides on a server and can be used by any device from the web browser without the need to be installed.

Hybrid Apps; These are apps that combine features of web and native applications. The programming language is usually html, and they are installed on a specific device since only a tiny part of the code is adapted, thus making them native.

Types of applications regarding payment

Free applications

Free applications are those that can be downloaded without making any payment for them. Moreover, these apps can be from companies that intend to expand the experience and interaction with what it offers.

Among some examples, we can mention e-commerce applications such as Amazón and Mercado Libre. It can also be the case that they have functionality, and the programmer decided to enter them as free but include advertising.

Payment applications

They are those applications that need to make a payment for their download. They are applications that commonly have advanced functions and are also usually distinguished as “Pro” versions.

Freemium applications

They are applications or games that can be downloaded from the application store for free, and their feature is the possibility of adding functions by making micropayments.

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