Conversion Rate – For the success of your website, you need to take several steps to make it clear to the customer so that you can understand the psychological and behavioral motivations that make it able to complete the sales transaction to the end.

After taking the CTA or the so-called Action procedural decision and the customer’s conviction of the service or product provided, the process turns into a successful Conversion Rate conversion process.

Here the CR turns from just the result of a button that the customer presses or fills the data into part of the long sales stages that consume a lot of money and effort from the organization to convince him and push him to close the sales deal completely.

So every CR is plan – starting with the boot method. Next, it has marketing, right down to how it completes the sale process.

It requires an evaluation and analysis of the feasibility of its creation. Here comes the role of the indicator used statistically to measure its success, which is called the conversion rate improvement index or the so-called CRO.

Cro is an abbreviation of conversion rate Optimization by improving conversion rate. This indicator is used to indicate the percentage between the number of conversions made on the website and those who took actual action.

Crow is use as a laboratory to measure the success of the marketing and sales process in completing its objective. First, the number of visitors that the site has attracted remains analyzed through systematic marketing processes. Then the proportion of these numbers is measure compared to those who have already taken the required action.

For Example

Let’s say that there is an electronic store with 1000 visitors per day, between this number 200 succeeded in completing the process of selling and buying products in it, here we will say that the percentage of CRO for the site is 20%.

And this should not mean that the activity of this store is declining or its trade is not going well. But that the successful conversion rate varies from industry to industry and from difficulty to the area. So we can not say that a fixed conversion rate measures if the site successfully achieves its goal. But, still, we say that a specific percentage changes from area to area according to the factors affecting it and the nature of the competition

How to Measure CRO Conversion Rate Improvement?

CR conversion rate: Number of site visitors from potential VISTOERS/CR conversion rate (number of people who have achieved their desired goal * 100%)

Here is a certain percentage, this ratio we will not be able to say that it is a successful or failed indicator. Except by comparing it to the usual work according to the target area and comparing the conversion rate made in the previous period.

Here it is possible to know the rate of improvement of the conversion rate if it increases. And here are the high success rate of market campaigns is easily judged in achieving their ultimate goal.

However, calculating the conversion rate is not accessible if it introduces many variables. Which strongly affect whether the percentage extracted is a good indicator of the success or failure of the marketing campaign. Including each of the objectives set in advance.

The nature of the repeat of the target, the comparison between one marketing channel and another. The comparison between different periods, marketing  conditions, and the target area. As well as the nature and size of the field itself and the target audience group.

The Goal of Improving CRO?

By measuring conversion rate improvement. It is possible to see how cr effects by changes from time to time and whether the organization should continue to do so. Refute its adverse effects, fix them early and address them.

Whether customers accept marketing. And promotional efforts or not? So is the nature of the products and services provided.

By improving the conversion rate, the rate of managing more income in the organization will increase. Helping to enhance activity and service.

Improving it from essential actions to be work on to increase traffic on the site. Thereby increasing the conversion rate. Thereby successful and continuing the activity

CRO results are quick and continuously measurable as well as developed and evaluated.

It is possible to inform the marketing and sales efforts of the organization comprehensively. And to know its seriousness and position as well as its future. Where it is from the competitive market, and where it is heading.

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