Influencer Marketing Definition

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which well-known or many followers act as ambassadors and prescribers of a brand.

By itself, it is not enough. It is essential to include an influencer within the digital marketing strategy to add and contribute to profitably achieving objectives. In addition, how to find micro influencers.

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How to Design a Marketing Campaign with Influencers?

Influencer MarketingDefine the Budget and Stick to it

Never look for influencers with rates that stagger the cost of your campaign. Instead, distinguish between top influencers (their rate will exceed 1,000 euros on average), medium (can be around 500 euros), and micro/Nano (about 100 or 150 euros per share).

Decide what Type of Influencer you are Looking for

Not always a significant influencer is the right one for your campaign communication. A Nano influencer can be much more profitable in your Influencer Marketing strategy in specific niches.

Identify which Influencers are the Right Ones for Your Campaign

The proper choice of the influencer is essential for its success of it. It must be consistent with the brand’s values ​​and image and with followers who are its target audience. Assess issues such as:

Its repercussion

The number of followers

Your ability to generate trends

Have predicament on your followers

Contact the Influencer that Interests you and achieve a Favorable Attitude and Interest on their part towards your Product or Service

Take action to get positive comments from the influencer about your brand or product. Sometimes contacting you directly is enough. In other cases, when the influencer has a lot of impacts, it will be necessary to do so through their representative or agency.

Decide What Kind of Actions to Take with the Influencer

Value inserting an advertisement, explicit or covert, within the content on social networks or blogs of that specific influencer. Or you can also create an event such as launches or anniversaries and invite the influencer to make them echo it and promote the brand or products.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing: what the influencer Brings to the Brand

Gain visibility, credibility, and more sales. Your message will be amplified and will reach more people through a means that they consider reliable: the opinion or recommendation of the influencer.

Increase traffic to your website, the specific landing page you design, or your brand’s social networks.

Achieve a high ROI. A well-designed Influencer Marketing campaign can be highly profitable.

Make yourself recognizable and gain prestige. A good influencer marketing campaign can be a great branding campaign.

Who are the most critical influencers in Spain?

Remember! Not always the most important ones are the right ones for each brand. A niche Nano influencer can help you achieve a higher return on your investment. But as a mere curiosity, the top 5 are:

  • Dulce Ida
  • Also, Maria Pombo
  • Paula Echevarria
  • Rubeus
  • And also, Sara carbomer

More and more brands are betting on Influencer marketing due to its advantages and high profitability. A small mark on a modest budget can achieve a high ROI with a good choice of the micro-influencer or Nano influencer niche. The choice of the influencer and the clarity about what is expect of him is key to the success of the campaign. The influencer marketing strategy should be only one part of its digital marketing strategies, as it is a compliment and never a total replacement for other actions.

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