Institutional Innovation Department – There is a close relationship between innovation and excellence. Modern innovation entries are always linked to achieving a system of government excellence by developing creators’ skills to ensure that they can turn their ideas into innovative projects.

As the pillar of excellence in quality, leadership, and performance development, and despite the fertility of the terms defining creativity and innovation. Debate still exists around the differences between them.

Still, there is no doubt that the process of thinking that God has a distinguished man from other beings is one of the most complex types of human behavior ever. And is the basis for creativity or innovation.
Innovation is not easy to learn from lectures, bulletins, or otherwise.

Still, it is inspired by the doctrine of government leaders in developing the operational and service environment, providing resources and capabilities to innovative employees, providing moral and material incentives to them, and adopting their ideas.

Applying and supporting them financially and morally and patenting innovation or invention because the enlightened mind is the origin of all progress and development.

It includes building positive thinking as a basis for innovation, excellence, compatibility with new global transformations. And the challenges of the times. The preparation of plans and programs, evaluating performance to achieve government excellence, applying effective planning methods in practice. And following up properly remotely.

Preparing Plans for Innovation and Excellence

Preparing plan for innovation and excellence based on future scenarios, training them to read variables scientifically designing integrated systems for the future. Analyzing the internal and external opportunities will undoubtedly enhance the trend towards a culture of innovation in planning, business follow-up. And effective dynamic regulation to achieve government excellence due to creative coordination and support for quality of life at its core values.

Studying innovative personality characteristics and focusing on the importance of innovation leads to administrative creativity. And understanding skills to solve business problems innovatively.

Transforming creative ideas into organizational plans, excluding traditional methods of solving coordination problems. Devising proactive solutions to challenges. Using innovative tools as an entry point for looking ahead. And taking innovation and excellence as critical components of moving government work into the future.

Preparing Plans for Innovation and Excellence

To achieve accuracy in the comparison process. It is necessary to mention that there is confusion between the skills required in the evaluators of the excellence awards and the essential expertise in excellence experts and specialists. Many tributes have contributed to the overwhelming and prevailing evaluation skills.

The expert of excellence must have a deep understanding and awareness of concepts and standards. As well as have the ability to turn these standards into business models. And practices that achieve the desired purpose of the institution. Not content with how to write documents, prepare posts, or match rulers’ evaluation.

This comparison, the subject of this article, maybe calculated to highlight the need to develop clear skills and capabilities required in experts. Institutional Innovation Department has practitioners of excellence. And differentiate them somewhat from evaluating institutional excellence.

Standard Comparison Specificity

It is well known to those familiar with institutional excellence practices that formal comparisons are one of achieving excellence. It may be at the level of the organization’s work or in terms of results. The purpose of standard comparisons is often to see best practices in a particular area.

And to inspire to improve performance base on the results of the comparison process. as for innovation, normative comparisons are not of similar interest. But rather a focus on doing business in a new way capable of adding value.

The idea is that what is unique and authentic does not come from imitators and traditions. We should note that many innovation experts do not find a place in their work. And do not tend to rely on them in general. Therefore, if we are to keep normative comparisons in the innovation dictionary.

We cannot give them a narrow space that does not go beyond knowing what others are doing or what they are seeking to achieve for know. And taking into account when developing innovative new solutions.

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