What are Marketing People?

Marketing People is a fundamental management process that will power your future business success. It means looking strategically at your employee ‘market’ and finding ways to satisfy demand and outperform the competition to attract the people who will operate your business and drive its growth.

The 5 Styles of Marketing People

I’m always happy to meet with someone between gigs and looking to “network.” It’s no big deal for me, but it feels like a big deal to them. Being released from a full-time job can rattle your confidence and feel disconnected. People remember those prepared to get together then, and I certainly remember the people who did it for me.

I also field many requests for referrals of marketing people in Boston, particularly from VCs and recruiters. I created a tag in LinkedIn for folks I know are in play to help me scan candidates for specific openings. The hard part is always matching the kind of marketing person a particular employer is looking for with a given job seeker’s type of marketing person. I don’t mean levels here (CMO / VP / Director…); I mean types. Marketing’s a big tent, with lots of specialties and niches. Unfortunately, there’s no standardized system of marketing person classification to make matching people and gigs easier to do.

So here’s one.

Standardized System of Marketing Person Classification

Setting level aside, there are five kinds of marketing people: The Storyteller, The Growth Hacker, The Specialist, The Expert, and The Drifter.

  • The Storyteller
  • The Growth Hacker
  • Also, The Specialist
  • The Expert
  • And also, The Drifter

The Top 5 Benefits of People-Based Marketing

marketing people

Training Persons, Not Devices

Consumers are becoming more involved across different devices and media than ever before. To stay connected, marketers must understand whatever’s most important – the people.

Handful massive operations to as many people as possible is no longer effective. With users more in control of consuming magazines than ever before, marketers need to stay ahead with people-based marketing.

By ranking the people behind the screen, marketers can engage real customers in a more adapted method.

We’ve joint the top 5 benefits of putting people at the midpoint of your marketing enterprises.

  1. Firstly, Understand your customers better
  2. Secondly, Create more valuable content
  3. Waste less time and money on commercial fraud
  4. Build a relationship along the way
  5. Finally, Increase ROI

4 Qualities Every Marketing Professional Should Own

Characteristics of a Successful Marketing Professional

When working in marketing, the categorize is that you sit around all day on Facebook and spend much of your time being social or building relationships. While this is somewhat true, many people aren’t aware of the level of technical knowledge required and the other associated qualities necessary for success. Whether you’re considering a career in the field, curious about marketers’ strengths, or are already established and looking to develop your skills further, the list below encompasses some of the essential characteristics of a successful marketing professional.

  1. A desire for lifelong learning
  2. Exceptional communication skills
  3. Ability to think strategically
  4. Vibrant personality


Business success base on its marketing effectiveness. Marketing doesn’t start with a new idea or an innovative product. It all starts with consumers – these are people who, by buying goods and services, pay for the business’s success with their money, which is why good marketing can shape a company’s success and make the lives of its consumers a little better.

«Marketing — placing the right product in the right place, at the right time, and the right price.»

Since you need to understand the needs of consumers, link it with the company’s capabilities and business goals, and take every aspect of the marketing mix, the most challenging thing is to do it well.

Marketing speaks of the need to effectively target various consumers, which allows positioning a product or service more correctly, means running a business more efficiently, fully realizing its available opportunities. It would be best to segment the market into groups and choose which groups you want to target. Finally, determine how you want to position your product based on the personality and behavior of your target consumer.

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