You will undoubtedly know what motion graphics are if you are into the world. And if not, indeed it sounds familiar to you, or you have heard it sometime. This post will tell you what motion graphics are and the main techniques to create them.

What are Motion Graphics?

A motion graphics or graphics in motion consists of a video or digital animation that creates the illusion of movement through images, photographs, titles, colors, and designs. It is a moving multimedia graphic animation commonly used for corporate videos, audiovisual post-production, interactive presentations, events, exhibitions, corporate logos.

Although it may seem like a very modern tool, as early as 1960, it was possible to speak of what we know today as it. It was John Whitney who gave this term its name. This artist worked on films like Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘ Vertigo ‘ and created his own Motion Graphics Inc..’ Another pioneer, along with Whitney, was Saul Bass, creator of digital animations in film productions such as ‘Citizen Kane’ or ‘West Side Story. Bass’ techniques are varied: cutout animation, montage, live-action, and name design.

How is Motion Graphics Created?

Currently, there are effective programs such as Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3D Max, Autodesk Maya, or Cinema 4D. In addition, many plugins complement the programs with improvements that make work easier and add new movement, rotation, scale, providing creativity and creating original and unique content.

Main Techniques of Motion Graphics

motion graphics

Kinetic typography: consists of the combination of movements and text. It is the case of the intros or the credits. It is usually accompanied by music.

Stop Motion: it is based on animation through successive still images. It is the oldest technique and consists of constructing the movement frame by frame in a traditional way.

Kinetic-Motion Graphic: a combination of text, graphic elements, and audio. Parts have to be in balance to attract attention and achieve their purpose.

Motion graphics: integrate into the picture with authentic images, achieving a fantastic effect.

In a world where we bombard with all kinds of messages and immediacy is the key, It become a fascinating tool to present the news in an impressive, interactive, and different way to interact with our target audience.

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Motion Graphics or motion graphics can define as a moving multimedia digital graphic animation, which has educational, advertising, commercial, social, informative, or entertainment purposes generally used more in social networks than in media. Ancient entertainment such as television, It is usually in 2 dimensions, but they can also be in 3D, although thanks to the movement, it can create the illusion of 3D.

Not all the elements of it must move; some can be static, since their objective is to accompany the objects that, if they present a movement or animation to achieve the total illusion to the viewer, being a multimedia element, brings together in same production elements of the exact nature: vector graphics, bitmaps, video resources, and audio resources.

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