The social graph is a graph that represents social relations between entities. In short, it’s a model or representation of the social network, where the word “graph” was taken from the graph theory. The social chart is a “comprehensive mapping of all and how they relate.”

The graph in which a point represents each person is called a knot and the friendship relationship is represented by a line called the edge

These animations show different types of relationships between social objects. For example, user Eva is a friend of Adam and Kate, although Adam and Kate are not friends. Peter’s image has won the admiration of many users, including Eva. Eva also listened to the radio Last.FM and watched the video from YouTube.

The term went viral at the Facebook F8 conference on May 24, 2007, when it uses to explain how Facebook’s newly introduces platform leverages relationships between individuals to deliver a richer online experience. As a result, the definition has expands to refer to the social chart of all Internet users.

Since explaining the concept of social planning, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has often promoted fakebook’s goal of providing the site’s social chart to other websites so that user relationships can be used on websites outside facebook’s control.

Facebook initially designed this social chart to provide insight into users’ interactions and relationships with other users. It later led to the development of the Facebook Graph API. Although there are many different ways to draw a social graph. It works by planning a member on a regular chart.

Each member remains referred to as an actor or social object. This member associate with different individuals/groups through links drawn as lines. Multiple attributes highlight these lines or relationships.


People are raising many issues regarding the current implementation of facebook’s social scheme. For example, currently, the social networking service is unaware of the relationships that have remained established between individuals on a different service.

Therefore, it creates an online yet seamless experience and provides fragmented expertise because there is no openly available graph between services. In addition, current services define relationships differently.

2010 facebook’s social planner is the world’s largest social network data group. It contains the highest number of relationships identified among the most significant number of websites. Because it is the world’s most widely used social networking service.

Concerns have been focusing on the fact that facebook’s social scheme remains possess by the company and they do not share with other services. Giving it a significant advantage over other services and preventing its users from moving the chart with them to other services when they wish. Like when the user does not have satisfaction with Facebook. Google has tried to solve this problem by creating a social planner API, released in January 2008.

It allows the withdrawal of publicly available information about someone to form an individual’s mobile identity to represent the user’s identity online. However, this is not desirable absorbs by google, and isolation in 2012.

Facebook introduced its graph API at f8 2010. Both companies generate income from aggregated data sets through direct marketing and social trade. In December 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.

Open Plan of Social Graph

Facebook’s chart API allows websites to draw information about more than just people, photos, events, pages. And their relationships with each other on websites. This expands the concept of social planning into more than just relationships between individuals and applies it instead to non-human virtual beings among individuals.

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