A web application is a program that runs on a web server, unlike traditional desktop applications that are launched by a web browser. It aims to access any application system applications, whether a desktop or a Web application.

So, for example, if a desktop app like Notepad or Acrobat Reader, we can run these applications only from the operating system, and all you have to do is turn on the computer.

After the procedure remains turned on, if the web application is to boot the system, all you can do is open the browser. And go to the web app by typing the web app URL in the browser address bar, then accessing the app and eventually closing the browser.

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Types of Web Applications

An Internet-Related App

It is a unique web application that can be accessed within the organization only using the local network (LAN). It uses local or private network technology and IP technology to share information.

Internet App

it is a public web application, operates an extensive network for information sharing and business processes, and can remain accessed anywhere using internet protocols.

Extranet Extranet App

it is also a unique online application, accessible only by fixed devices, and uses a vast area of network and IP technology to share information and business processes.


the goal of this type is to increase information as it provides information globally using internet protocols.

Web Portals

web portals are business portals and organize business processes. example: online shopping portals, business portals, and more

Enterprise Applications

This web application is about business processes and Services (free and paid) regardless of information such as personal banking, online banking – ICICI Bank. Social networking apps

Social networking is an online platform where people build social networks or social relationships. Example: sign in or register on Twitter. e-mail service applications

Online e-mail service providers enable users to send, receive and review e-mail from their web browsers. Example: Gmail, Yahoo, and online shopping.

Web applications or “Web application” literally is any program that works on the web server, i.e., the Internet. Unlike traditional desktop applications run by your operating system. Web applications must be accessed through the web browser. Web applications have many advantages over desktop applications. Because they operate within web browsers, developers need to develop web applications for multiple platforms.

For example, one chrome app will work on both Windows and Mac. Developers don’t need to distribute software updates to users when updating the web app. Once updating the app is on the server, all users have access to the updated version.

From a user’s point of view, a web app may provide a more consistent user interface across multiple operating systems because it depends on the browser rather than the operating system. The data you enter into a web app is processed and saved remotely.

It allows you to access the same data from multiple devices rather than transferring files between computer systems. While web applications offer many benefits, they have some disadvantages compared to desktop applications. Because it does not work directly in the operating system, users have limited access to system resources such as processor unit, memory, and file system.


Many applications now issue versions to work on the web browser, and the most famous is the VPN service where the web browser is full of these applications, which is good as you do not have to download the desktop version to work.

Some people prefer desktop apps, while others prefer web apps. Therefore, many software companies now offer desktop and web versions of the most popular programs such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. the files saved in the online version are often compatible with the desktop version and vice versa, where if we create a file using the Microsoft office desktop application, it will inevitably work on the web application

Therefore, cutting-edge software, such as video production software and other media applications generally perform better in desktop applications. Web applications rely entirely on the web browser. Browser updates can also cause incompatibility with web applications, leading to unexpected issues.

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