If you are careless and careless on board, you could fall overboard. What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard there is general rule on ships that no one should fall overboard. And, that means keeping at least one hand on the ship when it is stationary or moving. Many boats have grab bars in various places to hold on to, as well as handrails and lifelines to keep you safe.

In order for a person on board to be insure, we recommend that they do not go on deck. Especially if it is too windy or if the ship is experiencing bad weather. If it is necessary to go on deck, the ideal is to hang from a harness attached to jack ropes and follow the “one hand on the boat” rule. What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard

Be aware that boat decks can be unsafe, especially on sailboats while underway. To avoid unwanted situations, you should always be aware that your surroundings remain calm, stable and sober.

What happens if someone falls overboard? Possible risks

What happens if someone falls overboard

Falling overboard in the open sea is one of the horrible things that can happen to anyone on the ship. The risks are manifold and the chances of rescue are limited depending on the situation.

the jump

The risk of physical injury can depend on how the person fell into the water or the position in which they landed. Large ships have decks that are considerably high above the sea surface. What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard in this case the drop height will be much higher. And, at least several tens of meters or more.

Falling into the water from an acceptable height is not much different than falling onto rock hard ground. That’s why divers go as deep as possible and straight as a pencil to carefully break through the water surface without hurting themselves.

However, a person who falls into the water in the wrong position can suffer broken bones and other injuries.

the cold water

When a person’s body is unexpectedly submerged in cold water (like falling overboard into the sea), they reluctantly let all the air out of their body and try to grab and take in as much air as possible. What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard this can cause you to accidentally swallow water. In addition, cold water shock is a common cause of death from unexpected immersion in ice water.

In cold water, you cannot move your limbs quickly and you may not swim well. And also, it principles will be difficult to keep your head above water, increasing the chances of drowning.

the strong current

One of the other likely causes of falling overboard being too close to the edge of the ship and being tossed by strong ocean currents. It’s a huge ship, a person will not be dragg under the ship or pull into the propellers, but will most likely be thrown by the rough waters around the ship. This can make it difficult for people on board to locate the fallen person.


A person’s chances of survival are highly dependent on the temperature of the water they fall into. What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard? A tumble into not-so-cold water (like the waters of the Caribbean) would be okay for a moment, but the consequences of getting lost in icy waters (like the Arctic Ocean) loss of brain function and death within seconds. Minutes due to hypothermia (a condition in which the body loses more heat faster than it can absorb, resulting in a body surface temperature below 95 degrees).

These are the symptoms of hypothermia:

  • slurred speech
  • rigid joints
  • Loss of dexterity
  • slow pulse
  • severe chills
  • Failure of bladder control
  • swollen face
  • mental confusion


Please do not be afraid of sharks or other aquatic animals as they are not actually violent towards humans and will not usually attack without molesting them. But they are excellent at spotting their target and will attack if they spot bloodstains nearby (even a small amount of blood). Sharks tend to only be in warm waters, not cold, icy waters.

Ways to rescue a passenger overboard

A passenger who falls overboard can survive depending on how quickly someone realizes that he or she has already fallen overboard. If anyone on the boat sees the passenger going overboard, What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard  they should shout management “Man overboard!” immediately. be alert and then watch the man overboard with your own eyes to monitor him in the water.

It is important to track the exact location of the man overboard. The water surface in the open ocean is almost never calm. Therefore, the man overboard could quickly lost from view due to strengthening waves and uneven surface.

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