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WhatsApp Business Write For Us

WhatsApp Business Write For Us

WhatsApp Business Write For Us

WhatsApp Business Write For Us – One of the most present, valuable and everyday tools for everyone is, without a doubt, WhatsApp. And, if we use it to communicate every minute, why wouldn’t companies be in that channel to connect with their customers? We will see that it is essential to know what WhatsApp Business is and how to use it. To write for us, you can send us an email at

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging application that creates efficient and close communication between a business and its customers. It also gives the possibility to show products and services to potential stakeholders.

It could be included in the digital transformation process of companies, such as the activation of online sales or the implementation of the digital signature to sign documents.

Free app

We are talking about a free application, independent of WhatsApp, but with whose users you can connect. Free app available to any company that wants to communicate with its customers like this. It is possible to download WhatsApp Business for free for Android and iOS, and it is compatible with WhatsApp web.

It can be used on the personal phone of the tool manager or a different device. But it is always necessary to associate the application profile with a fixed or mobile phone number. It can be used in WhatsApp, but conveniently, the link is made to a professional and company number. It is about facilitating access to the potential client, who will have more means to find a business number and avoid impertinent inconvenience to that WhatsApp Business manager.

Optimization in communication

It is an advantage for customers who can write any day of the week without worrying about the time. But from the company’s side, it is convenient to differentiate personal life from work, and it is not always possible to answer quickly. Therefore, this application has tools to optimize customer communication and not feel neglected. We are talking about absence messages, undoubtedly one of the significant advantages of WhatsApp Business.

How to use WhatsApp Business

Once the phone number is associated, it will be time to complete the WhatsApp Business profile. We must fill in all the valuable information as required: name, profile picture, description, telephone number, location, schedule, business category, web and contact email.

To finish an ideal profile, there is also the option to show a WhatsApp Business catalogue. An exhibition of products and services where you can add an image, a price and a buy link for each.

A detailed profile, in addition to being a good brand image, will serve to give information and thus anticipate possible questions and doubts that the interested consumer may raise.

But in addition to knowing what WhatsApp Business is for, it is essential to see if it is legal to use WhatsApp for commercial purposes. It is, but with the express consent of those involved and in compliance with article 22 of the LSSI.

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WhatsApp Business Write For Us

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WhatsApp Business Write For Us

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