It’s crucial for any business to manage its water usage. Remember that high water bills can have an impact on your bottom lines. This is where doing a business water audit is necessary. So what is a business water audit? A business water audit refers to a detailed review of the water usage of your business. 

Besides, it also reviews water charges, drainage, and supply by inspecting and analyzing your historical water bills. You need to have a good understanding of water regulations so that you can identify situations where your water supplier has overcharged you. This article discusses a business water audit.

Understanding a business water audit

The business water audit is designed to verify and identify factors that are contributing to the business water rates. Therefore, it verifies if the size of the meter on your water is accurate. You should note that the standing charge on a water bill can be determined by the size of the meter and communication pipe entering your property. This means you need to inspect to make sure that the size the water supplier uses to bill your business premises is correct. 

It can also check if the water meter was installed properly. An installation of a new meter can sometimes cause some leaks in the supply pipe. In such cases, you can end up paying for the wasted water due to this poor meter installation.

Water meters can have some issues, so you need to ensure that it’s recording water consumption correctly. Also, you need to make sure that your business water supplier arranges for physical water meter readings regularly. 

A business water supplier calculates the amount of wastewater that is being returned to a sewer by applying the return to sewerage allowance to the water volume recorded by the water meter. A return to sewerage allowance tends to be judgmental, so you must check whether this is right considering the water usage on your business premises.    

The benefits of a water audit

One of the significant benefits of a business water audit is that you can get a historic rebate when a water supplier overcharges you for the past six years. There is a good chance that you can obtain a reasonable amount of money. Any savings you make can also benefit your business. For example, you can decide to invest the money in other crucial areas of your business. Regardless of whether you will get any rebates for your company, you can rest assured that your business water supplier is billing you accurately.

In short, a business water audit can help you to identify water leaks. This means you can prevent property damage and pay for leaked water. Also, you can identify an unnecessary wastage. You should remember that even a toilet cistern that continuously fills in water can cost your business a lot of cash each year. Even better, a business water audit gives you the chance to formulate and implement good environmental strategies for your business. 

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