Applications for Android and iOS – How many apps have you downloaded on your smartphone? There are many utilities for Android and iOS applications. You are probably always looking for more to have fun because they are practical, help you solve different aspects of your life, or connect with yours.

We show you 5 that maybe you did not know you needed, but they will interest you. These are some of those that are currently succeeding in the Google Store. Did you know them?

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5 Applications for Android and iOS that are Very Current

1. Volcanoes & Earthquakes: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

The eruption of the volcano on La Palma that began in mid-September has made it popular in Spain. It is not one of the best applications for Android since it is a bit rudimentary. But it is consulted by thousands of people. It is for many the way to be permanently aware of the news about this volcano. It is beneficial for those who live in the Canary Islands and those who plan to travel to them.

But this app not only monitors this volcano and its security alerts. Volcanoes & Earthquakes tracks active volcanoes around the world and recent earthquakes. So it is also helpful if you are going to travel outside our borders and be informed about these natural phenomena.

2. Peacock TV: Free Entertainment on your Mobile

applications for android and iOS

Are you looking for applications for Android and iOS for your leisure time? Peacock TV. It is an option that is hitting hard this early fall. However, many users do not download it only as a means of entertainment. It’s a great way to improve listening for those who want to advance their English proficiency!

3. Cash APP: Safe, Fast, and Free Mobile Banking

Although it is only available in English, it is currently one of the most downloaded Android applications. It is also available for iOS. It allows a wide variety of mobile banking transactions to be carried out. They buy and sell stocks, bitcoins and send and receive money instantly.

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings: Professional or Personal Virtual Meetings on your Mobile

It does not matter that there are already other Android and iOS to create virtual meetings. Zoom Cloud Meeting sit is among the most downloaded for free for something. Companies, entrepreneurs, and private users find different ways to take advantage of its characteristics. That is why it is succeeding.

5. Atlas of Anatomy, among the most Downloaded New Paid Android Applications

It isn’t easy to guess why this new app is among the most downloaded for payment. It’s probably the beginning of the school year, and its sale has to do with it. The Anatomy Atlas contains more than 10,000 models of the human body in 3D. It is interesting both for students and anyone interested in knowing more and better how the human body works.

This is available in several languages, including Spanish. And it has won significant awards for the quality of its content and its attention to detail, from a medical and educational point of view.

These are the Android and iOS apps that maybe you didn’t know what you needed but that are very practical: to inform you, to have fun, to learn, for your finances, for your communications. There are applications for many objectives, and they will never be enough! The innovation is constant, and users search my leisure and business and provide solutions.

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