Hotel Management courses after the 12th Bachelor of Hotel Management, Master of  (MHM) are popular  courses; Short-term  certifications and the  diploma are also all the rage in  courses today.

All about Hotel Management Courses

  • Hotel management courses cover areas of the hospitality industry such as hotels, customer service, gastronomy, front office management, etc. View the course program
  •  tuition fees range from 1 lakh INR to 4 lakhs for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in  However, students can take Diploma and Certificate courses in  for less than 1 lakh INR.
  • In top it universities like IHM Pusan, IHM Mumbai, the  course fee is 3-4 lakhs INR.
  • Calicut University, BHU, CMJ University are  colleges with prices below INR 25,000.
  • Students must achieve at least 50% of grades 10 and 12 to take  courses. Humanities and also, Economics students can apply for  courses after their 12th grade.
  • Certification courses can be taken immediately after completing the 10th year. Check the Food Production Crafting Course
  • AIMA UGAT, GNIHM JET, NCHMCT JEE, AIHMCT are entrance exams for hotel management 2022; Registration is expected to begin in January 2022.

Eligibility for Hotel Management Course

  • The essential admission criteria of the are to pass the exams of classes 10 and 12 with a minimum total of 50%. The eligibility criteria for some  courses are a diploma or certification in hotel management.
  • The procedure for admission to the Hospitality Management Certificate and also, Diploma is usually performance-based or first-come, first-served. BHM 2022 approval and most undergraduate  courses are based on grades 10 and 12.
  • Top  Colleges take entrance exams for admission to  2022 Course. State Colleges accept NCHMCT JEE 2022 results in April 2022 (preliminary); Private hotel colleges organize their entrance exams for admission.
  • Final admission to the  Diploma is based on entrance exams, performance in group discussions. And also, face-to-face interviews.
  • Top  universities are expected to start the  degree registration process from April 2022.

Why the Hotel Management Courses?

Hospitality management courses don’t just limit the number of students in the hospitality industry. Students can take an MBA or other MBA courses to venture into different management segments.

  • It is up to the student to be the manager of a 5-star hotel in the city or an exotic resort in the hills. The choice is up to the student.
  • Students have the opportunity to live abroad and also, explore new countries. Top Hotel Chains hires great managers to run hotels around the world.
  • The potential for a good salary is enormous. According to Payscale, after obtaining a degree in hotel management, the starting salary starts between 200,000 INR and also, 6,000,000 INR. With experience, it can reach around 12,000,000 INR to 15,000,000 INR.
  • Provides a perfect opportunity for students who wish to own their hotel or resort. With a few years of professional experience and also, some capital, students have the potential to run their own business in the hospitality industry.
  • This sector will place the individual at the center of the melting pot of many cultures. It gives the opportunity to learn so much about so many different people and places and their eccentric eating habits and preferences.

Hotel Management Courses Sectors

There are several different  courses, but we have rounded up the best hotel management courses for all aspiring students. Students who wish to pursue an occupation in  should know this.

Fast Food Joint Management

After completing the  course, students can open their fast-food chains if they wish. Hotel management courses provide all the skills necessary to run a fast-food restaurant. With the right managerial skills, financial skills, and also, a good knowledge of the industry, students have an excellent opportunity to run a successful fast-food restaurant or restaurant chain.

Bachelor’s Course in Hotel Management

All though, the Bachelor of it courses is full-time 3-4 year courses. These courses aim to transmit specialized topics in hotels comprehensively and also, can be continued after grade 12.

Students who want to delve into for better career opportunities earn a bachelor’s degree in hotel management.

It is also an ideal choice for students embarking on an academic career teaching at top  schools or seeking a college education such as a Master of.

The Single of Hotel Management, also known as BHM, is India’s most famous  degree.

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