Although new next-generation computer games are coming out every so often, the whole retro theme draws a lot of attention from users who look to remember the long hours they spent in front of a console, such as the SNES or NES arcades playing arcade machines.

It has made this possible to see how consoles are back among us in the market and how there is a rising number of classic control emulators for PC, such as the entire Libretro suite and emulators for classic arcade machines is the case with Mame.

This article will provide you with complete information about mame32 games and will guide you on how to download mame32 games for pc.

What is Mame and How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc

 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator [MAME] is a free and open-source emulator designed to mainly emulate the arcade machines that could find in bars and arcades several years ago. In addition to its own executable, it comes with a complete game database so that the emulator can recognise practically any game that you copy.

As you’ll as offering us a straightforward, organized interface with search and classification functions of games, something significant if you consider that, at present, there are more than 35,000 different arcade machine games.

Tips on How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc

Suppose you are thinking of setting up a complete arcade emulator on your computer in this article. In that case, you will explain how you can start up Mame, from downloading it to copying  BIOS, ROMS, and other additional extras that improve its experience.

There are many platforms to play retro arcade games, but what makes Mame one of the most used? One of its strongest pillars is an entirely open-source platform. Thanks to this, the community, and any interested user can collaborate in its development and improvement. In addition, they avoid possible legal problems that you may encounter.

This platform is also totally free, from its game databases to the emulator and the games. You can also get the BIOS without paying, although this already borders the line between illegal and legal.

Another advantage that you must highlight of this platform is that it is one of the best maintained by users and the community. You can find updates and revisions of the romsets (Rom packs) every so often, including the new arcade games that still arrive in arcades (especially in Japan). The emulator is constantly revised to improve compatibility with incompatible titles and the performance of games that already work.

If you had to highlight two drawbacks, you could talk about its interface (quite ugly and careless, it looks like an MS-DOS application) and the difficulty of use since, for being the most used arcade platform, it is the least intuitive that you can find. Luckily, many alternatives will help us have the same, but simpler.

Minimum Requirements – How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc

 The truth is that, for an emulator, the requirements of Mame are not too demanding. Of course, you must consider that when emulating various platforms.

Few are more demanding than others, so you can have trouble if your computer is of an old version. If you have a new team, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Although MAME can run on 200 MHz CPUs, if you want smooth gaming, you need to make sure You have at least the following requirements:

  • Pentium 4 processor or equivalent 2800 MHz.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • Operating system: Windows XP or later.
  • DirectX compatible graphics card.

Console versions of MAME have no particular requirements, and these are perfectly adapted to work in them.

How to download and install Mame32

As you have already said, MAME is a free, open-source emulator. Although some sites allow you to download it for a fee, downloading It is entirely free, and you can do it from the link below. The recommended download from this site is the official binaries and the 64-bit version.

This emulator is delivered without games, BIOS, skins, or anything for legal reasons. When you download this emulator, you only download the executable, the game database and little else. You’ll have to look for games on other websites (there are even full ROM packs with 35,000 games) and the BIOS itself (which prints the code of the arcade machine’s physical processor), which many games require to function.

It is downloaded in the form of an executable .exe file of around 60 megabytes. If you have it on your computer, run it, and you can see the classic 7-zip extraction wizard. You choose where you want to extract the emulator, and that’s it.

When the extraction of the whole emulator is finished, you will have a new folder of about 400 megabytes on your hard drive. In it, you will find everything necessary to make your arcade emulator work on Windows.

If you run the mame64.exe binary, the emulator will open, and you can make initial contact with it, although there’s not much you can do since you haven’t copied any games yet. To see and configure its main interface if you want.

How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc on Linux

Mame is one of the programs usually includes by default in the official repositories of most Linux distributions. Therefore, installing it on a distro like Ubuntu is as simple as opening a terminal and executing the following command in it:

If this emulator does not appear in your distro’s repositories, you can also install it by adding its repository by hand and downloading the latest version directly from it. You can execute the following commands, again, in a terminal:

In the case of Ubuntu, in addition, you can also install it through its snap package much more easily with the following command:

Just like on Windows, MAME for Linux comes without games. Therefore, let’s see how you can add the games manually to the arcade emulator to start playing as soon as possible.

Scrapper: add images to Mame32 games

If you have reached this far, you should already have your MAME emulator fully functional, and you can play any game in this emulator, as long as you have their corresponding BIOS and games in the ROMS directory.

However, there is still one more small step for users who like to have everything personalized to the maximum, configure it so that an image of it appears with each game. As you have seen in the earlier photos, When you select a ROM, a box will appear on the right with an image indicating that no image is available, or what is the same, no image is available.

Steps to Add Image to Mame32 Games

Mame allows you to assign an image to each game so that when you select it, in addition to the name, you can see the logo or a screenshot of it.

In the leading directory of the emulator, you need to create a folder called “snap”, where you will save these images. You will have to store the images you want to associate with each game with the name of the ROM in question.


if you want to add a screenshot of Metal Slug X (whose rom is called “”) to the game, the image that will be moved to the “snap” folder must be called “mslugx.jpg” or “mslugx .png”.

You can see how it appears to us and its corresponding screenshot when you open the game. It doesn’t affect your arcade emulator’s gameplay, configuration, or performance, but it is more beautiful.

It is complicated to add images for all the games manually; there are packs on the internet with these screenshots that will help us leave your emulator ready with images for all the ROMs. Of course, you must remember that 35,000 images are a lot, so it will take up considerable space.

If you don’t want to add images for all games, the image not available box can be annoying. Luckily, you can hide this right panel in the MAME emulator, so it doesn’t appear. To do this, the only thing you will do is open the configuration by pressing «Tab» and select « Configure Options > Customize UI », and you will choose the selected option in the «Show Side Panels» section.

When you go back to your emulator, you will see the new interface, much more straightforward, focused 100% on what you are looking for: emulate arcade games.

Mame32 Options:

The Mame has many more options that allow us, for example, to individually configure the operation of each game machine since some ROMs may have problems running in specific configurations. You can also see among the options an option called “Plugins”. It allows us to enable or disable a series of add-ons in the emulator, such as B., the cheat engine for games.

Mame hides many advanced options and development functions for the most advanced users. If you are interested in them, consult the official documentation of this arcade emulator. Still, if you want to download the emulator, the games, and the BIOS and start playing, this manual is what it aims to do.

Download Legal Mame Games

Mame games come in packages. The latest versions of these ROM packs are around 65GB in size and bring the most simple and classic arcade games, not including modern games or those that need a hard drive.

If you want to enjoy the latest MAME games and ROMs, it is essential to download CHD. These are images of arcade machines’ hard drives that contain the data of the most modern and most extensive games to be able to play them. For example, the latest Street Fighter needs your CHD, and the complete arcade CHD pack occupies around 500 GB. Also, most of them have redundant data or are not working.

Although there is no official site to download MAME from, you can download the ROMs for free and legally through the Internet Archive.

How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc and Solve Problems

When using the emulator and loading games, you can find a lot of problems. Some can easily solve, while others can give us the occasional headache.

If the Mame emulator does not run on your computer for some reason, it is most likely that one of the program’s files has been damaged or deleted by mistake. The easiest and fastest solution is to download MAME again and reinstall it in the same folder to get everything working again. Of course, you may have to reconfigure everything.

Solve Problems

When you encounter problems when opening a game, there can be various reasons. The most frequent is that you do not have the necessary BIOS on the computer and, therefore, the emulator cannot load the ROM. But it can also be because the Rom you have downloaded is missing a. Inside the “zip” that you download from the Internet, several files usually make up the game. If any of them are missing (either by mistake or by using a Split Romset), the only way to fix it is to download the game again and complete this time.

Finally, you remember that not all games work. Some titles have not yet been successfully ported and are impossible to run or do so with many problems. And it can also happen that some game needs a hard disk (CHD) to be able to work, and it is not included in your Rom pack. The only way to fix this is to look at a MAME compatibility list, and if it doesn’t work, wait for a new version.

Alternatives to MAME – How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc

How to Download Mame32 Games for Pc

You have talked about setting up and using the original MAME emulator. However, you can find many frontends on youtube that can help us better organize your games or make your emulator much more exciting and beautiful.


One of the most excellent known for this purpose is LaunchBox. Its program allows us to emulate and organize games through a friendly interface from which you can have all your games organized in categories, platforms, or however you want. Download the resources that are not there (for example, game covers) and allows us to filter out those that do not interest us (for example, casino games).


HyperSpin is another of the best-known frontends that you can find for retro and arcade games. This front is one of the most pleasant and designs above all to build an arcade computer dedicated exclusively to it. It has an infinity of compatible games and platforms.


Yet another alternative is EmuLoader. This frontend is similar to LaunchBox but free and open source. It supports many platforms, intelligently organizes all content and downloads resources. It has many options that, at first glance, can make us go crazy to configure it.


Lastly, you are going to recommend Arcade64. This front is much simpler than the previous ones. It’s a modified version of MAMEUI focused only on allowing us to run arcade games, nothing from other consoles, poker games, casinos, or betting. The easiest option for those who want to have a collection of arcade games without complications.

FBA (Final Burn Alpha)

This is another of the emulators that you can find to emulate the arcade consoles in the Microsoft operating system. This emulator can load games from the original MAME, as you’ll as from other consoles, such as the CPS2, without problems (also, it was the first emulator to load this type of game). This program has a straightforward interface that is easy to use, unlike other similar emulators. In addition, it is very light to use, ideally on any PC.

You can find packs of FBA ROMs prepared with Arcade ROMs and other consoles in the network, as long as the emulator can read it.

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