Lib tech snowboards is a brand create  by Mike Olson and belonging to the Mervin factory, which Quicksilvers acquired in the 90s. It has specialized for more than 26 years in equally fabricating snowboard and surf and skateboard nourishments.

In addition to the Lib Tech, Technologies includes other brands related to snowboarding. Such as GNU Snowboards, Bent Metal, and Roxy.

Welcome to the Lib Tech Snowboards

Welcome to the Lib Tech Snowboards. It is characterized by being a brand focuse on “reinventing” the practice of snowboarding through new and experimental technology. In fact, it has a department called the experimental division and dedicated exclusively to testing new constructions that are developed and teste together some of the best Specialists in the ecosphere. Among its technology, the Magne-Traction stands out, originating from Lib-Technologies. And consisting of strategically “mounding” the edges of the board in the form of a saw. In such a way that its panels have a more incredible grip on ice and hard snow. This has allowed Lib-Tech boards to win multiple Good Wood Awards and awards from numerous snowboard magazines.

It is also known for its Banana System. The inverted camber (Rocker) that you can find in several snowboard brands, and that improves the board’s buoyancy thanks to its curvature. The introduction of this “banana technology” allowed the brand to increase its sales by 81%, thanks above all to the Skate Banana, its starboard.

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All this gives importance to the environmental aspect, so all its boards are made with recyclable and ecological products. Its so-called “environmental division” is in charge of this, where wood is recycle. Or toxic materials eliminated, among other things. In addition, all the processes of the Lib-Tech Snowboards factory carried out using renewable biodiesel.

The Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase:

The best-known rider of team is Travis Rice, who has his own model made to measure and used in his famous films. The Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase: the Travis Rice Pro. Riders complete Jesse Buettner, Mark Landvik, Jamie Lynn, Sammy Luebke, Eric Jackson, Jason Robinson, Blair Habenicht, Chris Rasman and Ted Borland.

Want a Lib Tech snowboard in a binding package?

We understand you, Lib Tech is an essential brand for snowboarding and snowboarding in general. Specializing in snowboarding, but also diversifying into skateboarding and surfing. The Lib Tech brand is recognize both for the quality of its products and for the company ecological awareness and capricious spirit. Therefore, Lib Tech boards are working, eco-designed and equipped with unusual decorations. The brand has developed its own technologies, such as the banana camber and Magne-Traction rims, which have contributed to its notoriety

Why choose a Lib Tech snowboard in a binding package?

An eco-responsible production

Lib Tech snowboards made in the USA. More precisely, they are “Mervin made”  which means that they are made the Mervin factory. The last snowboard factory in the USA. This factory, which also makes GNU and Roxy snowboards and a small part of bent metal bindings. And, it has real know-how and eco-friendly production methods. Work with sustainable materials like local wood, basalt fiber instead of fiberglass, soybean sidewalls to replace toxic ABS. And, bioplastic covers made from castor beans. The decorations made without toxic varnishes and are print with water-base inks. While post-production waste reuse or recycle as much as possible.

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A multitude of pro-models for Travis Rice

Travis Rice is one of the most mediated snowboarders in the world and is also considere one of the best.  At Lib Tech for the last 15 years, the American is starting to have a great collection of signature snowboards. Rice Orca, Trice Pro, Trike Gold Member, Climax or Trace Gold Member Split, all Travis Rice needs now is a board to go buy his bread. And, he really will have a model to every situation. If you like high performance hardtail boards, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of their boards, whatever your terrain.

Finally a Lib Tech range for women!

If snowboarders have been absent from the Lib Tech catalog for many years, it is now ancient history as the brand offers a true range for women since winter 2019/2020. The models are call Dynamics, Cortado or Glider and allow female riders to finally benefit from Lib Tech’s graphic identity, build quality and modeling technologies.

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