What is a Point of Sale Machine?

A point of sale machine is an electronic expedient use to process card payments. It is best to be specific and choose the one with all the features you need.

Standard functions of each point of sale device are credit and debit card acceptance, reporting, and inventory management. Features can also be industry-specific.

POS stands for Point of Sale and describes the transaction between a retailer and a customer. A POS system combines POS hardware and POS software to create a POS device used to process a payment.

Types of POS Machine

The POS machine represents all the hardware that contributes to secure payment. It consists of various mechanisms, such as a card machine, card drawer, barcode reader, epos (electronic point of sale), machine software, receipt printer, cash drawer, etc.

Modern payment processes include hardware and software to allow payment in cash and credit or debit card. These POS machines guarantee hassle-free payment by cash, EC card, or credit card.

Standalone Card Terminal:

point of sale machine

This point of sale terminal works without any cashier or issue of sale software. After counting the items, enter the sales number using the keypad on the card machine in the next step. It also connects to the merchant’s bank and card issuer for transaction approval and prints the receipt.

Integrated Terminal:

This point of sale device is integrated with the electronic cash register software. It dramatically facilitates sending the transaction amount from the payment screen to the card terminal. It will automatically display the payment amount and print a receipt.

Cash Drawers:

Cash drawers are often connected to the central system or tablet and open automatically when you enter the amount paid on the cash register screen. It also indicates the amount to be returned to customers and significantly prevents theft.

List Of The Few  Best POS Machines Available In The Market

There are many barcode providers, card printing, and scanning machine providers in Delhi and other parts of India. They bring the best in point-of-sale equipment to businesses of all sizes to facilitate payment processing.

Connect POS

Retailers and restaurants connect POS to manage menus, inventory, and sales. In addition to an extensive inventory management module. The POS system supports voice warnings and support for cash drawers. Closet POS restaurant point of sale software can create and customize restaurant menus, manage invoices, print receipts, split invoices, and more.

Closet POS offers the following Features:

  • Access to various stores and locations.
  • Sales analysis and employee management
  • Offline mode to manage your catering activities
  • Kitchen printer and kitchen display rack.
  • Sales control through online and offline orders
  • Electronic label

Starting Price: Pricing details available upon request.

Air PAY Mobile Point of Sale

Air PAY Mobile POS is a mobile payment answer that makes accepting e-money and credit card payments easy. All you want is an iPhone or iPad and also, a card reader to quickly take and track orders. Using this POS machine with Air REGI, a free POS cash register application, you can manage your business even more efficiently.

  • Essential points of Air PAY Mobile POS
  • It is available for retail stores and also, restaurants in various locations.
  • It is compatible with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, etc.
  • There are no fees for money transfers, and billing can be done 3-6 times a month
  • Processing time is shorten, and transfer dates are communicate by email
  • It can only be use with an IC chip and PIN code card reader to ensure data security.

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