What is the Quora App?

Quora App is a community-based question besides answers website and app. Users post questions on all topics, and other users answer back. Can logo up using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or email.

The full form definition(s) of the acronym Users or abbreviation “QUORA” is: “Questions or Answers (Internet » Websites ).” “QUORA” means a question-and-answer website created, edited, and organized by its community of users. Quora is a platform to ask questions, become valuable answers, and share what you know with the world. You can use Quora to find advice, ideas, perspectives, explanations, and solutions to things you’ve always wondered about.

How to Answer Questions on Quora App?

On the other hand, Quora can answer questions from other users.

Before we get into how you can answer questions on Quora, let’s take a look at why you should be doing it.

The only reason you should answer someone’s question on Quora is if you have a quality, honest, and accurate answer. Don’t answer stupid user questions. A website like Quora can be successful if all users respect each other’s requests and responses.

However, answering questions on Quora is very easy. Your feed will consist of queries related to the different topics you have chosen to track. Click one of the questions you have a firm answer to and click the Answer button.

How to Upvote and Downvote answers on Quora App?

quora app

Another feature of Quora that is useful for users is voting for and against. If you see an answer on Quora that you think answers the question perfectly, you can upvote it. On the different hand, if you notice an inaccurate and uninformative answer, you can dismiss it.

The total of positive and negative votes on a particular answer will affect its visibility. If a response has a lot of upvotes, it is valid, and Quora will place it at the top of the answer list. If an answer has more negative votes, users consider it invalid, and Quora will not prioritize it for others.

It is what the screen looks like in an answer section on Quora. The upvote button label is on the left. The downvote button is not labeled, but it points to the bottom right, and I have circled it for reference.

What are the Advantages of Quora App?

  • Quora helps prospects discover your brand.
  • Also, Quora posts appear in search engine results.
  • Quora lets you learn more about your goal listeners.
  • Quora is great for content ideation.
  • And also, Quora helps you discover industry influencers and capture their insight.

What is the Disadvantage of Quora App?

  • It does not allow you to link your professional profile.
  • Unlike LinkedIn Answers or Facebook, Quora does not allow you to connect or link your professional profiles.
  • Therefore, you cannot answer any of the questions directly representing your brand, which is a fantastic drawback from the marketing side.

What are the Benefits of Answering on Quora App?

5 Benefits of Writing Answers on Quora App:

  1. you help people.
  2. Also, You won’t die with your knowledge contained only to yourself.
  3. You get better at communicating with a variety of people.
  4. You become more tolerant, understanding, wise.
  5. And also, You leave a legacy.


  • Review all the information identified about the person, setting, or event.
  • Next, look for facts or details that are not stated but indirect.
  • Examine the information and decide on the next reasonable step or statement.
  • The reader comes up with a conclusion founded on the situation.
  • Here, you can know people’s problems.
  • You can connect with the whole world through it.
  • You can share your thoughts and ideas with others.
  • By writing on Quora, you can improve your writing skill.
  • It will benefit your thinking power.

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