SEO & Digital Marketing Tools: When launching a new digital project, it’s common to seek every conceivable method to save expenses, and as a result, we overlook something crucial: the users. And while earning people’s recognition is difficult, gaining their trust is much more difficult.

For a small business, marketing and promotion are just as crucial as the concept’s formal structure; therefore, ignoring them is not an option.

The excellent news is that you don’t have to go overboard with your spending. Following that, we’ll go through some of the top free Digital Marketing tools so you can construct your own free digital marketing campaigns and get the results you want.

Google Analytics is a valuable tool with many potentials to become the best of allies, and it’s free! The following are some of the things you may perform with this free Digital Marketing tool:

        You should be aware of the origins of your visitors.

        Understand how visitors interact with your website.

        Find out which of your blog’s posts are the most popular among your readers.

        what terms your consumers used to find you.

       Discover which goods convert the best.

     Moreover, Google values its users and rewards those pages that love them with favorable rankings. You’ll be able to arrange your web page in a way that ensures a better user experience, providing the material that’s more or fewer links to your visitors’ origins and the keywords they used to reach you, using the data provided by Google Analytics.

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Hubspot CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

HubSpot CRM is a virtual assistant equipped with advanced digital marketing and social media capabilities. With all of the features this sophisticated tool provides, it’s hard to think it’s completely free. There is no hidden catch, though. HubSpot CRM is as comprehensive as it is necessary to understand and implement an effective Inbound Marketing plan for businesses of any size. Some of its characteristics and advantages are as follows:

  • All of your data has enough space. Up to a million contacts and enterprises can be saved.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of people who can utilize the You may use the HubSpot CRM with your entire team.
  • Management of contacts
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Additional limits apply to pop-up forms, external form tracking, and native forms.
  •  The 200 most recent email openings and up to 5 email templates per account are limited in automated emails, alerts, and email monitoring.
  • Inbox for conversations.
  • Email for the whole group.
  •  It has a dashboard with essential marketing, sales, and customer service reports.
  •  From your initial engagement with them until they become pleased clients, build solid relationships with all of your contacts.


Moreover, The GTMetrix Speedometer to update. One of the most recent Google algorithms in charge of awarding pages with a faster loading time has been given this name.

Page performance is essential to more than just Google. Users’ buying decisions influence the loading time. What is a high bounce rate? A sluggish website has a more effective bounce rate than a quick page when a person arrives to read a post and then exits without interacting with the site to return to the Google search results.

With GTMetrix, you’ll be able to see which sites are taking the longest to load. After doing the study, the program creates a thorough report highlighting the precise faults slowing down your website and providing recommendations for resolving them; you can also save this information in PDF format.


Understanding the algorithms and statistics that cause organic traffic to flow to your rivals may be a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. MOZ is a tool that makes this process easier.

You may use it to assess the best-positioned material on the market. You may come up with new ideas for current, appealing, and fascinating material and optimize the content on your existing pages by following the fundamentally patterns that will help you better position your website.


It is a valuable and free digital marketing tool for individuals primarily focusing on producing content for websites and blogs.

Moreover, It would help if you typed the keyword or keyword of interest, and the program will recommend additional connected terms. You may further narrow your search by selecting a language and contently typing. Perfect marketing tool for improving your website or blog’s SEO!

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