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E-Commerce Write For Us

E-Commerce Write For Us

E-Commerce Write For Us

E-Commerce Write For Us – Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the transactions related to the purchase and sale of products and services through online platforms that can cover websites, applications, social networks or any other means that allows this type of operations to be carried out through the internet. To write for us, you can send us an email at

It includes any purchase and sale transaction you make online, such as buying new shoes on a clothing website, buying electronic products on websites, buying and selling items on eBay between individuals or purchasing products on a unique website for employees of a company, among many other cases.

Advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce

E-commerce and business

Online commerce has been a revolution in recent years, not only for customers but also for all types of companies that take advantage of the advantages offered by this means to expand or start their business in a way that until years ago was unthinkable. However, this activity has its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of E-Commerce as a company

  • Cost reduction
  • Access to customers from anywhere in the world as the internet is a global medium
  • Ease of inventory, order and customer control
  • Ability to offer a large amount of information quickly to the interested customer
  • Ease of sending commercial campaigns to customers

Disadvantages of E-Commerce as a company

  • Great competition, especially in established sectors
  • Constant maintenance of the platform is necessary
  • In case of problems with the platform, the consequences can be serious
  • Overnight, changes in a search engine can cause you to lose a large customer base
  • High dependence on the cost of shipping costs

E-commerce and the customer

In general, e-commerce is mainly advantageous for customers, which increases its share percentage yearly. In any case, it still does not become a perfect means of purchase and shows virtues and shortcomings:

Advantages of E-Commerce as a customer

  • Returns for 14 days by law
  • Possibility to buy items without closing business hours
  • It is straightforward to compare prices from different online stores
  • High availability of stocks and products
  • Wide variety of prices, which means it’s easy to find good deals
  • No need to travel and you can do everything from home

Disadvantages of E-Commerce as a customer

  • Payment of shipping costs
  • Lack of immediacy in access to products
  • It is not possible to test the product before buying it
  • Lack of trust and security in which online merchants
  • In case of problems, the deadlines to enjoy the product can be extended, and your money will be retained

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E-Commerce Write For Us

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E-Commerce Write For Us

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