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Video Production Write For Us

Video Production Write For Us

Video Production Write For Us

Video Production Write For Us – Video production is the series of processes necessary to obtain a video of any kind, from videos published on social networks or portals such as YouTube to music videos, ads, shorts, movies, and series. To write for us, you can send us an email at

These processes begin with an idea and pass, to a greater or lesser extent, through the three basic subprocesses of production: pre-production, production and post-production. These three pillars are added promotion and dissemination so that the resulting videos reach the public.

All the videos we watch daily on our televisions, computers, mobile phones or even on public roads have gone through these production processes. In addition, thanks to the wide range of software available to cover each of the steps of the aforementioned processes, video production is within reach of anyone with a computer or even a mobile device.

The process begins long before filming, with the conception of the idea of the video and the elaboration of the storyboard. Before recording the video, everything must be ready: script, locations, actors, costumes… Then the recording will come, or the production itself, followed by post-production, which is intended to edit the video and elaborate the final product. To write for us, you can send us an email at

The five most common video styles.

Every video is born from an original idea; from this, there are a series of fundamental steps so that the final result adapts to our needs.

Depending on the type of video, we will need a story or a script that will be the basis of the storyboard that, in turn, will serve as a reference for the different cinematographic shots and sequences that we want to record. In addition, we will need to consider economic aspects, if we have to rent equipment or hire technicians or actors, or in the locations when they requir, for example.

Once we complete the recording, it will when the different programs that will allow us to edit our videos enter the scene. Throughout the process, we will use a wide variety of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Express, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Animate or, in the case of post-production, Adobe After Effects.

Stop-motion animation.

All video comprises a series of frames, ordered images that generate movement when played at a certain speed. You may not hear the word “flipbook”, but you’ve probably seen pictures that came to life as you turned the pages quickly in books or even drawn in the corner of a notebook. It is precisely what happens with frame-by-frame animation.

Video with text and images.

As its name suggests, this type of video focuses on the text, which is usually animate to obtain different effects or even insert them into other kinds of videos. Think of tv ads or graphics that appear in the news or on social media. If you find it a dull type of video, think of the introduction to Star Wars!

Music videos.

We all enjoy watching the videos of our favourite artists, and if you play any instruments, you have probably dreamed of recording your music videos. Apart from using one song or several, music videos overlap with virtually any type of video.


Animation includes any video that is not recorded directly with a camera. In this way, we can create characters, objects or scenarios that do not exist in the real world. Thus, traditional cartoons would be the first example that comes to mind, but also the digital animation on which most notable effects are based in the modern cinema or many documentaries and online tutorials.

Live action.

It is the most common type of video that started with it all, and it is a video that shows real people, objects and places. Even if people are characters, things and places are invented or decorated.

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